Teaching the Basics

Yehebi Mini-Workshop

The past three days we’ve spent a lot of time with David & Alison Tute, which has been really good for all of us. Johanna and I feel like we’ve turned a corner in the planning for the pastors‘ workshops for next year. With the Tutes‘ help, 2014 is finally taking shape in enough detail that we can really picture the workshop series in our minds. We have decided on three workshops for the first year, with the goal of helping the pastors to teach basic Bible knowledge and life application to their churches.

The first two workshops for 2014 build on the oral Bible study concept introduced in the Yehebi mini-workshop – one focused on the Old Testament and one focused on the New Testament. We are scheduling these two workshops before our son Noah’s wedding in July! Then in the second half of the year we are scheduling final one of the year, which will cover more of the background and structure of the whole Bible and broaden out into a variety of teaching methods that can be used for bringing the Bible into the local languages and cultures.

Each workshop ends with a mentored action plan for the subsequent practical phase, plus a local-language audio recording of the stories taught in that workshop. For the first year we are including the Kubo, Samo, and Gobasi languages.


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