Talking and writing

Maintenance Trainer NeededEmily has come at a time when we have been having intense discussions with high-level people here in Ukarumpa. We have welcomed her to take part in anything we are involved in. She has kept up with the pace, followed the sometimes complicated arguments, and even made a significant contribution to the planning for the North Fly.

Today is a writing day for me, so Johanna and Emily are doing a variety of things without me – from going to the local produce market at 6:30am to checking out the academic library for books she can use to learn more about PNG languages and culture.

The goal of my writing day is to document the North Fly Bible Partnership, so that we are better positioned to recruit more team members and develop adequate funding. An urgent need is for a maintenance trainer for the crew that work out of the workshop (picture) at the Rumginae Station, where SIL North Fly is based as a guest of the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea.


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