Jack of all trades…


…master of none! Growing up as a „pastor’s kid“ in rural America, I remember Dad using this expression when he was called on to do everything from fix the neighbor widow’s water pump to help put on a new roof on the church building. Although I inherited only a small portion of these practical skills, I have had to leverage it all to the maximum in rural Papua New Guinea!

Today David Tute went through a supply of plumbing materials he inherited from another missionary to see what we might be able to use for urgent plumbing repairs in our village house. The plan is that we will take these materials on the mission plane when we go back to the North Fly on Wednesday. Then in December David and Alison plan to make their first visit to our village, and David will help me finish all of the repairs that I haven’t been able to do.

We are still actively recruiting a maintenance trainer to be based in Rumginae with us, which will save me a lot of time – and Johanna a lot of frustration :). It will also help the rest of the Rumginae team immensely.


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