It’s a busy place

I just talked to my Samo brother-in-law, whom I call „Jawbone“ because we once shared the jawbone of a sloth, and he told me that he had cut down a sago palm today. Tomorrow, like most Saturdays in the Honinabi area, is sports association day. It is the favorite day of the week among the youth. Then Sunday will be the rest day of the week. So on Monday my Jawbone will prepare the trunk of his sago palm by carefully cutting away one side of the bark and folding it down so that his wife and mother-in-law can process the inside of the trunk into the starch powder that is the cultural staple of most of the province and many other places in PNG. While the ladies carry on with this job, he will go to the school for parent workday. Johanna and Emily are planning to take this opportunity to share sago-making with the ladies, while I move ahead with planning and preparation for the pastors‘ workshops to kick off next year.


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