Building together

Recognizing the need to seek lasting impact, our organization recently set as its first priorities:

  1. Building relationships.
  2. Building vision.
  3. Building capacity.

Yesterday John Mobeya, a Bible school graduate who as a boy played with Ben and Noah, shared his vision for strengthening the existing churches in his home area and reaching out to new villages. He asked me if we could help by printing handouts for a leadership course that he wants to teach in his home church. Later that afternoon Willie Yofu, one of my Samo brothers – who has been managing our resource center in Honinabi – asked if I could help him learn how to do document formatting on the computer I had given him. So he has spent the better part of today typing and formatting these handouts (picture).

Speaking of capacity, if you are interested in looking back over these blogs each month and writing a newletter, please let us know!


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