All in a day’s work


Today I started a new routine. Whenever I am in Rumginae, every Monday and Thursday I will take a public bus to Kiunga and just hang out all day – PNG style. I ended up spending all of my time at the ECPNG church grounds, sitting around and talking to pastors (one pictured here with his wife) and other church leaders.

I did not bring up any topics or issues, but I did a lot of listening and some interacting. I felt like I learned more and built relationships more effectively in one day of „being“ than in any three months of „doing“ in my missionary career to this point. It was even extremely productive in planning the pastors‘ workshops, especially in the area of oral Bible translation and use of audio recordings.

Please pray for the North Fly team to continue to make progress in finding ways of working that build strong foundations for sustainable impact.


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