Pastors‘ Workshops, part 2


The 2014 highlight of our work in the North Fly was definitely the two trial workshops. The goal of the workshops was to use “storytelling” to bring an accurate understanding of the Bible to all members of the community. We use the term “storytelling” to refer to the primary method of learning and saving information in an oral society. Both the PNG English expression “we’re telling stories” and the Tok Pisin expression “yumi stori” imply that one person (at a time) is sharing what they know, and a group is repeating it and discussing it.

The workshops targeted the pastors and other Bible teachers of the Honinabi district of the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea. The participants as a group studied forty-five passages selected from all major divisions of the Bible. They learned the flow of the Story recorded in the Bible and became familiar with the Bible’s „library“ structure. Along the way they also Improved their study skills.

The workshops also facilitated plenty of practice in incorporating Bible storytelling into preaching and Bible teaching. The workshops each concluded with an analysis of the spiritual needs of the community, and strategic ministry planning and follow-up.


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