Ukarumpa presentations & family time

By Johanna.

It is not often that we get treated with a sunrise like the one above. But then, it is not often that we happen to live with and look after two teenage boys. And, to live with one who likes to get up early and enjoy the morning! The parents of Micah and Tim had entrusted us with their sons for a week while they were on medical leave. Micah took the picture last month in Ukarumpa.

For a full month we lived and worked on our mission base in the highlands. With us were Pastor Steven Angkaki (on the picture)Steven and Clyde and Willie Yofu, Clyde’s younger Samo brother. Twice we could present aspects of our work in the North Fly to the bigger world of SIL PNG. The first topic was on partnership, the second on oral Bible translation. It was great to be able to discuss our work with colleagues who are usually spread out all over the country. Encouraged and with even more ideas of how to do the work better we made our way back to Western Province, back into our intensive life in the North Fly.

From February to March we enjoyed the visit of Noah and his wife Carmin. They had flown from the USA directly to Kiunga, from where we went to the village together. The two wereHochzeitsgeschenke Samo Stil treated like royalty! There was a feast and some ceremonies, they even received more wedding presents. Together we then travelled up to the highlands, where they visited with Carmin’s parents for a couple of weeks while we were busy with many meetings.

It looks like I have covered February and March now. The month of April should have its own space…!



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