Physical food

​“Land of the Marsupials“ would be an accurate, if somewhat nerdy, description of the Papua New Guinea province of the Animal Kingdom. In the natural order of the world, humans find almost all of the fauna here good to eat – and marsupials are relatively easy to hunt! This specimen added to the variety of the protein portion of the Old Testament workshop menu, which was actually already pretty rich in fish and pig.

The workshop also provided a boost to the orality and literacy skills of the Pa-language participants and the Aekyom and Ninggirum observers.


Ein Kommentar zu „Physical food

  1. Hi there, very interesting photo. They do not look like Pa women to me, however Jillian thinks the photo could have been taken at Kiunga in the Sari Corner. There’s certainly a river in the background. I guess the animal is an echidna. I have seen them at Debe but not that big. He’s a good size. She certainly looks as though she’s preparing to cook for a large number.

    Keep up the photos , they’re great. Blessings, Pamela

    What dates do you plan to be back at Debepari again for the next course?? >

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