Historical Timeline

This section is arranged in reverse chronological order. If an abbreviation or term is unfamiliar to you, then you may find it explained further down in the chronology. Links, on the other hand, should be available with their most recent reference.


August. Confirmed month for Debepari Old Testament Storytelling Workshop for Pastors, pending confirmation of funding.

April. Johanna and I are scheduled to arrive back in PNG in April, and as soon as possible join the LeRoys and the local team for the duration of the LeRoy’s time in PNG.

February. Due to various delays (including the Smiths‘ furlough), the Debepari series of Bible Storytelling Workshops for Pastors had not yet taken place. AMTC rescheduled it for August, pending confirmation from Debepari District and SIL. They also approved the story set workshops.

January-July. Dale & Carin are back in Papua New Guinea for six months and are taking the orality project to the next stage by introducing the concept of story sets. They are facilitating small workshops with a couple trainers to craft the first set. This set is designed to give an overview of the story of God’s interaction with his people “from Creation to Christ”.


April. Steven led a planning visit in Debepari, for the Pa language community.

February. Steven Angkaki finished his term as AMTC chairman and announced that he was committing at least three years to working with SIL to coordinate the orality project started by the Pastors‘ Workshop series.


November. AMTC decided to repeat the Pastors‘ Workshops series in 2015 in ECPNG’s Debepari District.

February-October. The Pastors’ Workshops series was successfully trialed in the Honinabi District, in the Gobasi, Kubo, and Samo languages.


August-November. Clyde & Johanna Smith worked with the Honinabi District team, in coordination with AMTC chairman Steven Angkaki, to adapt the Simply The Story method to the local context. The team combined this orality method with several other oral and literate components, as a further development of the curriculum for the Pastors‘ Workshop series.

June-August. Dale & Carin LeRoy of Pioneers returned to Papua New Guinea and introduced the Simply The Story method of oral Bible study.

June. The North Fly Area Ministry Training Committee (AMTC) of the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea (ECPNG) approved for SIL PNG to develop a Pastors‘ Workshop series to address needs among their pastors in the areas of Bible knowledge and advanced literacy skills.