We have an office!

After many months, actually years, of first discussions and then physical work, the North Fly Bible team was finally able to take occupancy of office space in the town of Kiunga. We are hosted by the Kiunga „urban church“ of the Evangelical Church of PNG. Pastor Steven Angkaki and Willie Yofu gutted and cleaned it. Then they rewired the power and built a larger shelf unit (photo, with ECPNG North Fly Area Coordinator, Pastor Mase Wodia) for inventory and storage at one end. At the other end, they built a smaller unit for immediate office use. After they then set up a table with two chairs, a couple whiteboards, and a printer, it started to look functional! Unfortunately, the church ran into some issues with its aging wiring between us and the street, so we are currently without power till that gets fixed.


A vision for a room

We’re already into the second month of the new year! The team’s focus this year is setting up a small resource centre in Kiunga, which is the only town of any size in the North Fly. This project has been made possible in part because of the gentleman in the photo, Yangtem Katie. As the church official who oversees all of the North Fly schools operated by the Evangelical Church of Papua New Guinea, he believed in the North Fly team’s vision to set up a distribution hub to supply Bibles and other ministry resources. We helped him finish his new office, and in this photo he is standing in the room he had just vacated for our use.

Advice needed

​Taking a short break today from the Pa Language album to crowd-source the answer to a question:

Can anyone tell us the legal steps in PNG to starting a social enterprise, especially a non-profit one?

Thanks for any help!
Aerial view of Kiunga borrowed from a Google search: 

„Getting to…Rumginae Primary School near Kiunga, PNG“, ICT4D Views from the Field. WordPress, August 26, 2010.