Bible Resource Centre Project

Computer servicesCoordinators. Willie Yofu & Biago Husi


Computer services

All existing local-language print and electronic materials are secure, centrally accessible.

Adequate infrastructure is in place for additional local-language production.


DistributionExisting Bibles, Bible portions, and related resources (all relevant languages and media) are available to every single resident of the North Fly – in the format(s) appropriate to his or her learning needs and at a cost appropriate to his or her financial means.

Description. This project has two focuses – both related to infrastructure capacity.

The first focus is on securing print and audio materials that have been produced in the local languages, including materials in draft form. This priority is most immediately urgent for the Aekyom and Pa languages, because their materials have not yet been archived in any commonly accessible internet-based service. We are in correspondence with missionaries who have worked with these languages.

The second focus is on improving distribution of materials that already exist. This includes print Bibles in English and Tok Pisin, and mostly Bible portions printed in local languages. This also includes curriculum materials for Bible schools, discipleship programs, and other ministries. This also includes audio and video Bible productions in any of these languages. We would like to work with MAF and possibly an organisation like Christian Books Melanesia or Singaut Christian Bookstores to improve distribution to the North Fly, including the rural areas.

Progress. When Clyde and Johanna Smith left for an unexpected furlough, negotiations were underway with the Kiunga urban church to use part of their new addition for this purpose.