Oral Bible Project

oral_bible_icon_0Coordinator. Steven Angkaki, ECPNG, North Fly Area.

Goal. Every single speaker of each target language has the opportunity to hear selected sets of Bible texts retold in the target language in person – by a church-appointed pastor, evangelist, or Bible teacher – and discussed in the target language in the setting of a church-sponsored event.

Description. The focus of this project is on empowering Bible teachers to deliver oral translations of selected passages, both for discipleship and evangelism. The Bible teachers, most also serving as pastors, study the chosen passage in the national languages and craft an oral presentation in their local „heart language“. These oral presentations consist of an accurate retelling followed by lively discussion. This project has impacted thus far four local language communities, with observers participating from an additional three local language communities.

Progress metrics. Number of Bible texts crafted into number of languages and engaged with by percentage of members of these language communities.