May. Evangelistic Bible storytelling patrols. Languages: Pare (Pa). Locations: Unreached places where this language is used, including urban settlements.

April. Western Cluster Old Testament Workshop. Languages: Aekyom, Ninggirum, Yongkom. Location: Rumginae and nearby villages.


October-November. Evangelistic Bible storytelling patrols. Languages: Gobasi, Kubo, Samo. Locations: Unreached places where these languages are used, including urban settlements.

September. Audio Bible Workshop. Language: Pare (Pa). Location: Debepari.

July. Western Cluster Planning Workshop. Languages: Aekyom, Ninggirum, Yongkom.

May. New Testament Storytelling Workshop for Pastors. Language: Pare (Pa). Location: Debepari and nearby villages.

April. Audio Bible Workshop. Languages: Gobasi, Kubo, Samo. Location: Suabi.


15-30 October. Old Testament Storytelling Workshop for Pastors. Language: Pare (Pa). Location: Debepari and nearby villages.

May-July. Story Set workshops and patrols. Language: Gobasi. Locations: Yehebi and Gobasi villages.

April 26 – May 3. SIL partnership visit. Languages: Aekyom, Pare (Pa), Kubo, Samo, Gobasi. Location: Rumginae.

April 11-25. Story Set Workshop 2. Languages: Kubo, Samo, Gobasi, Aekyom. Location: Yehebi.

March 15-24. Story Set Workshop 1. Languages: Kubo, Samo, Gobasi, Aekyom. Location: Yehebi.


May 18-25. Partnership Visit. Language: Pare (Pa). Location: Debepari and nearby villages.


February 24 – March 15, October 6-20. Bible Storytelling Workshops for PastorsLanguages: Kubo, Samo, Gobasi, plus Pare & Aekyom observers. Location: Honinabi and nearby villages.


Oral Bible Study WorkshopLanguages: Kubo, Samo, Gobasi. Location: Yehebi.